5 beautiful fairytale destinations in Switzerland


In addition to the famous watches, Switzerland also has many interesting things for visitors to experience and save in each step back.

Bern: Bern is relatively small compared to other European capitals, but the old-fashioned and peaceful blend has put the city on the list of places to visit when it comes to Switzerland.

Wandering in the old town, visitors like a fairy-tale place with dome gothic architecture from the 15th century, and many other ancient works.

Matterhorn Mountain: Located at an altitude of 4,478 m, the majestic Matterhorn is like a pyramid between the blue sky. In addition to trekking, visitors can ski or take a cable car to the top of Paradise Glacier to admire its “heroes” and panoramic Switzerland, France, Italy at the foot of the mountain.

Zermatt village: Located at the foot of the legendary Matterhorn mountain, Zermatt is one of the ski resorts that anyone wishes to visit. Step by step, you will be attracted by the lovely streets with countless wooden villas and fresh air.

This place is completely absent from motorized vehicles but only the tinkling bell of the herds of sheep and goats walking along the streets. At night, Zemartt shimmering, fanciful as the scene often seen in her ancient story, the mother.

Chillon Castle: In a fairytale dream, the castle is often associated with romantic love story of the prince and princess. Chillon – the most beautiful castle in Switzerland is also such a place. Located on Lake LĂ©man in the city of Montreux, Chillon is over 850 years old. Each year, Chillon attracts more than 350,000 visitors.

The architect also inspired Walt Disney to build the castle in the animated movie “The Little Mermaid.” Come here, when leaning against the edge of the lake, watching the snow mountain range beyond, have you ever imagined the scene of prince Eric drunk listened sweetly from the mermaid?

Gruyeres town: In addition to the clock, what makes the Swiss brand is chocolate and cheese. Visit the beautiful town of Gruyeres to discover the factory, learn history, know how to make the best cheese. The small town under the mighty Alpes has long been a pride in building a famous cheese brand called Town.


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