Albania – beautiful land hidden between Europe


Albania is one of the least developed countries in Europe. However, the country has beautiful natural landscapes, historical riches, cultural heritage and attractive cuisine.

Not long ago, the Balkans still make tourists reservations, only a few dare to risk new “sharp array” here. Many backpackers have come to this area since the 1990s, and they have spread the word about the jewel-like beaches of Dubrovnik, the delicious dishes of Croatia, the unique beauty of the Meteora monastery or the ancient city. Ohrid, Macedonia … The Balkans have plenty of beautiful sights, heritage, vibrant nightlife, inexpensive adventures, improvisational journeys. One of them is Albania, Europe’s cheapest travel industry. Compared with other large countries in the region, Albania as hidden as a unique destination, whoever has come here will have a special feel about the people, scenery and the long history of culture. Albania.

The capital of Albania is Tirana, founded in 1614, the largest city of the Republic of Albania. There are many cathedrals and green parks, some of the Mussolini period architecture scattered throughout the city center.

Situated in the center of Albania, the town of Berat is evidence of the common existence of a religious and cultural community for centuries. Berat is one of the oldest towns in Albania. The deepest impression on the Berat visitors is the traditional Balkan style, nestled on the hillside. Take a walk along the slope full of gravel, at the foot of the serene Osum, next to the house is present from the 18th and 19th centuries, visitors will feel like lost in a fairy tale. Berths of Byzatine architecture exist today, mostly built in the 13th century. Some churches built under Ottoman rule were built in the 14th century.

Blue Eye Lake is the first attractive destination in the journey. Natural wonders Blue Eye attracts all visitors to tour Europe Albania with a special name. Blue Eye is a beautiful deep blue lake with a depth of more than 50 meters. Lake “blue eyes” make visitors admire as overwhelmed by the beauty and tranquility. The lake is oval in shape, the water in the lake comes from the earth. Especially the lake is dark green in the middle and light blue on both sides. In the spring, you will see the lake as a human eye.

After Blue Eye, you will come to Gjirokaster, another attractive destination in the tour of Europe Albania. Located at an altitude of 336 meters, Gjirokaster is the ancient citadel, the historical relics of the people here. Inside the castle there is a military museum imprinted World War I.
In addition to the Gjirokaster court, you should once set foot in Zakate House. Do not own the magnificent, gorgeous, Zakate House conquered all visitors by ancient features not faded by time. An example of a typical tower house, built in the years 1811-1812, Zakate House owns beautiful double domes. In the middle of the floor and stairs there is a wooden balcony overlooking the town.
Referring to Albania cuisine, you can not miss the legendary Tave Kosi. In Albanian, Tave Kosi means “yogurt grilled in a bowl”, which sounds very simple but really elaborate. Tave Kosi appears in all the special events of this nation with less than 3 million inhabitants. The main ingredients for making Tave Kosi are lamb, rice, eggs and the “master” of the dish is sour cream. This dish is also quite sophisticated. Sliced ​​lamb, seasoned with pepper, salt and cheese before being roasted. And the soul of Tave Kosi is a combination of Roux (wheat flour and butter, fried with garlic and herbs) with sour cream and egg yolks, creating a very characteristic yogurt flavor. . Lamb and rice are placed in the bowl before the other “god” sauce is sprinkled on top, covered with the face and put in the oven for 45 minutes before being served with the salad.


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