Andorra: blue mountain kingdom

From Toulouse, France, the journey took us to Andorra to pass through many unknown winding passes.

The capital of Andorra la Vella welcomes people with a sweet cold in the sunshine. The air is so fresh that the blue sky is as beautiful as it is near.

From Toulouse, France, the journey took us to Andorra to pass through many unknown winding passes.

Fortunately the delegation in the middle of the week should keep the velocity of over 100km / g, but if the weekend departure, the car can only run about six, seventy and we will take up to five hours to arrive. is a tiny country located in the Pyrenees.

The path from a height of several dozen meters to two thousand meters above sea level is fantastic. Wide roads, scenic beautiful sides, green forests, flowers, silver stream running across each other before.

The capital

of Andorra la Vella welcomes visitors with its sweet, cool sunshine. The atmosphere was so green that the sky was so beautiful, the snow-capped mountains glittering around the city as well.

Even Pedrosa is approximately three thousand feet tall, as well as only a few walking steps. With its age of more than seven centuries, Andorra la Vella boasts many ancient architectures. In fact, making new life for the capital of thirty thousand people is more than fifty high-class hotels with elegant architecture. But the city is not big, but thanks to the use of mountainous terrain, landscape type.

Interspersed with rows of tinted houses is the time when more than a dozen buildings on 30 floors are very modern. In particular, the new Caldea area is extremely magnificent with its pyramidal pyramidal buildings. The largest and most scenic fitness center in Europe is very attractive to visitors because of its pleasant price.

The highlight of Andorra la Vella is the river Valira originating from the high peaks and winding through the city like a sparkling crystal. Two charming bridges crossing Valira almost always have beautiful young girls from many parts of Europe walking on foot.

According to statistics, one in two people are in Andorra and one is a tourist. More than eighty percent of the national income comes from tourism, so the authorities here “owe” international visitors very much.

In the cold season, guests may open the public faucet to wash their hands and feet with hot water.

But the fact is that tourists are spoiled in the field of shopping. Goods in Andorra are tax-free from all over the country so extremely rich, fresh produce is very rich and especially very cheap. Tobacco, alcohol, gasoline are only about half the price in Europe.

Consumer goods, service prices are also cheaper than in France. Tax incentives also help attract foreigners to come here to do business. In the valleys around Andorra, more and more villas with beautiful and creative architecture are owned by international businessmen.

We visited such a mansion on the slopes. Around the house, the tape played like glass. In all rooms, handles and glass door frames are gold plated luxury. Land and housing are generally inexpensive, although Andorra is consistently ranked among the top ten nations with the highest per capita incomes in the world.

Life on the high mountains

In fact, flashy flashes have only come to Andorra for half a century, since tourism has grown. For centuries, it was a peaceful and simple life.

The history of this country has been at least seven centuries old. In 1278, disagreements between Spain and France made the two countries unable to determine the sovereignty of Andorra.

Finally, the two sides agreed to sign the treaty on the division of power: Andorra was under the control of Count De Fua of France and the leader of the city of Seo De Urkhel in Spain. Today, Andorra is assumed to be dependent on two heads: the Spanish King and the French president.

So, on the streets you can see where the post office characteristic for France, which is typical of Spain. The people used languages ​​such as Catalan, French and Castilia.

Despite the dispute, but throughout history, this country is always peaceful with farming. By the middle of the twentieth century, the beautiful territory was suddenly discovered that this place has more than 300 sunny days, in addition to the seven ancient towns are located in the valley at an altitude of over 1,500 meters.

So snow, sunshine, altitude – Andorra’s three main specialties have turned the kingdom of less than five hundred square kilometers into a ski paradise. In all seven towns there are large skiing hills, with a steep cable car system.

The ski resort of the world known as the Grandvalira sports resort was merged from the two areas of Pas de la Casa with Soldeu to become a huge sports area, up to 200km in length.

Wanting to find an Andorra in the old days with herding and farming, we went to Arinsal, one of the mountain villages that retained its traditional architecture. Although located in the Vallnord sports tourism complex, Arinsal is still well-respected by the well-traveled tourism industry.

All the architecture in the village, from the house, the church to the road are built of dark gray stone. The coarse-grained rock in the middle of the snow and the dazzling sunlight turn out to create a special beauty: warmth that is airy, solid and courteous.

In the evening, in the midst of the snow and the blue sky, it was as if the hand was touching, the red fire in the stove lit the stone walls of the village. At that time, Arinsal looked magical and beautiful as the upper world.

Around the village, around the village from time to time, local people rode back and forth. Andorra is known for its sincerity and hospitality. For years they were ranked as the longest living people in the world so they never had to hurry.

In the valley of Madriu, a horse-riding girl caught our admiration, and invited us to take a picture together. Thanks to the gratitude of the Asian tourist group, she smiled saying that the image of Andorra brought back to our country was the one she needed to thank.

After a moment of surprise, I became aware of one more reason why Andorra received more than ten million visitors a year, and in just a few decades, a resource-poor country became the top earner of per capita income. world.



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