Barcelona cheap travel experience from A to Z


Barcelona is a city not only famous for its large European and Spanish football tournaments,  but you may not even know that it is one of the ten most beautiful cities in the world. Barcelona is especially attractive to tourists because of the monumental architecture and unique museums of historical value known throughout the world.

The perfect time to travel to Barcelona

You can visit Barcelona   in any season of the year. However, according to  the travel experience of Barcelona  Vietnam, you should make your trip around the end of August and early September. This is the time that people in Barcelona vacation so the city is quite quiet. and less cars, smoke and dust. Restaurants and hotels at this time will be discounted at the same time, so you will easily find a place to save money.

Experiences booking air tickets to Barcelona

If you travel from Vietnam, you can fly from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City airports. Quality and reliable airlines that you can choose from: Qatar Airlines or Jet Airways. You should refer to some online ticket booking site Vietnam – Barcelona. Round trip ticket from Vietnam to Barcelona about 28-30 million in high season, depending on the time of booking. 

It is quite inconvenient that from Vietnam there are no flights flying directly to Barcelona. The number of transit points and transit locations in which country depends on which airline you choose.

Vehicles on the move in Barcelona

The public transport system is quite convenient for visitors, so you can easily choose the public transport preferred by many visitors such as bus, subway. If you choose to take the subway, you have to be very careful, because there are many situations of pickpocket and theft of property. If you choose to take a taxi as a means of transportation, you need to ask the driver to turn on the clock to calculate or ask ahead of time to avoid being hacked.

Travel from the airport to the city

 Shuttle bus: From El Prat airport to the city there are many means such as Taxi, Shuttle bus or Metro, the best you can go to the airport lobby is to catch the bus to the center, then car 5 continuous trip. The bus fare is 5.90 EUR / way and 10.20 EUR round-trip is valid for 15 days (consider if you fly in both directions). If you take a taxi, the price is 30 EUR – 40 EUR and it takes about 20 minutes. 

 Metro: If you go by train to the airport you can go from Clot Station, Passeig de Gràcia or Barcelona Sants, to the airport terminal called Aeropuerto. Boats run every 30 minutes.

• City Bus: You can get bus 46 (parked at T2) or get NitBus N17 (T1) at night. /in turn.

Travel in the city 

To travel in the city is the best way to walk, and the distant points can choose to move by Metro. Metro stations are usually underground and are everywhere. The fare for one trip is € 2.15, but you should buy a one-to-one ( T10 ) for € 9.95 if you stay in Barcelona for 2-3 days or more. Metro works from 05:00 to 24:00, Friday to 02:00 and Saturday from 24 hours.

Buying a T10 card is easy with any Metro station that also has an automated ticket machine. Each time you go to the card reader, the machine will scan the bar code and count the number of times you went. The T10 can go both Metro and public buses in the city. One thing to keep in mind when going for Metro, bus or in public places is always high alert because of theft.

Places to visit while touring Barcelona

Cathedral of La Sagrada Familia. Entry fee is EUR 15 – EUR 24.

 You may not know, La Sagrada Familia church was designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi more than 100 years ago. Tourists come to Barcelona once to see the beauty of it.

Water music performance

This is one of the annual music concerts held at the Barcelona World Fair. When you come here, you will be overwhelmed and full of glitter with light mixes and beautiful fountains that were built by talented architects from the 1929s.

Barcelona Art Museum. Entry fee is EUR 11. 

Picasso Barcelona is a unique art museum in the world, known all over the world, every tourist here wants to be there once. This museum is located on the grounds of a villa with a unique gothic architecture from the Middle Ages. This is an impressive and fascinating Barcelona that the world’s artists come to learn, admire the unique beauty of the achievements that Picasso has left for mankind today.

With  La Rambla

 This is a quiet and peaceful street, suitable for you to take a walk in the evening and enjoy the fresh air of life here. The road is paved with marble although tourists are always crowded but always clean and airy, from the people to tourists always have the sense of keeping sanitation together, no car horn or crowding push. There are many restaurants, cafes, clothes shops, but I do not encourage you to buy things here because they are usually more expensive than others.

The stretch from Placa de Cataluyna to the coast where Colombo statues point out to the Mediterranean, with both houses but mostly business shops. By the end of the street there are quite a lot of street artists, dressed up with enough celebrities and singles and eye-catching. You can walk all day here, choose for yourself clothes or souvenirs with bold Catalonia culture, sometimes go to the roadside restaurant or find a small alley to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. Seeing a concert, it was great.

Walking in Las Ramblas you can also visit the famous Boqueria Market  (located in the middle of the street) which is considered one of the best in the world, offering lots of fresh seafood and fruits. There are also other attractions such as Cathedral de Barcelona, ​​Monument Columbus, Palau Güell …. Close to Las Ramblas, or visit Plaça Reial to avoid crowds on this road. 

Barcelona’s beaches and harbors 

The evening at the beach is really lively with lots of bars operating nightly. If you are traveling in a group or even alone, but you are the one who likes to have a lot of noise, you can join many foreign friends in the hostel to get to know more about life in this city at night. The 3 most famous beaches in Barcelona are:

  • Barceloneta Beach: In order to enjoy the authentic Mediterranean Sea you can not miss BarcelonetaBeach , visit the Port of Olimpic to enjoy typical seafood dishes, take a walk on the seafront to enjoy the lively atmosphere. beach with lots of visitors and sunbathing people, taking part in underwater activities. There is also a Homenatge a la Barceloneta, Frank Gehry’s unique fish sculpture Peix d’Or.
  • Playa Olimpico: Right next to Barceloneta, you can come here by not staying at Via Olimpico via line L4.
  • Playa Nova Icaria: This beach seems more active, the sand stretches and wide, people come here to sunbathe, bathing is also bustier,

FC Barcelona Museum & Camp Nou Stadium. Tour price 23 EUR / person

Coming to Barcelona can not go to Camp Nou, it is not so simple because football is a religion in this country, and Camp Nou is the sanctuary of all the people in this land. Barcelona is a city of football, you can see a lot of authorized clubs around the city, souvenirs, pictures of players, huge clubs, even in every lane. Alone, in every small shop or hostel.

Come to Camp Nou you will be able to witness the festive atmosphere, and if you get tickets to watch a game of FC Barcelona is too great, otherwise you can buy Camp Nou Tour, visit museums, facilities and set foot directly down Camp Nou. 

Accommodation in Barcelona

In order to be able to book hotels and motels that are cheap, convenient for travel, you can refer to the website booking online prestige and quality such as or booking. com. When you book your hotel online, in addition to avoiding being out of the room, you also have the opportunity to receive cheap airfare deals. If you book a room through Agoda, and then show us that you could book the same room, for your stay in B & B Barcelona Center, Hostal Lesseps, Aparthotel Augusta.

Eat when traveling to Barcelona

Barcelona is a busy city crowded with restaurants and street cafes. The shops here open very late for a simple reason that people in this city eat dinner very late, but not so much as called lazy as people in Spain. Their breakfast usually starts at 11am, and then at 2-3pm they will have lunch and dinner, usually starting at 9-10pm or even later.

One of the highlights of Barcelona is not only the food, but many other goods and services here are also very cheap compared to the general level in Europe. You can buy some dairy here for just € 0.75, such as bread, fruit or sausage, you go to the supermarket to buy piles full of food. If you sit in a cafe with a view of luxury, the cafe is only € 2 / cup, the beer is only € 2.50 / cup, MacDonald hamburgers cost € 4 / unit.

What to bring to Barcelona? 

Barcelona is one of the cheapest cities in Europe, if not shopping it is wasted. With the Zara followers, Barcelona is a dream destination because it is the home of the world’s most prestigious fashion. Price Zara Spain is almost always the cheapest in the world, but extremely diverse in product design.

With the loyal FC Barcelona supporters, Barcelona is a haven for souvenirs, jerseys and anything else that has the image of a club. Do not miss the opportunity to buy the items here because you do not have many opportunities to see the second.

Of course, there are many other things, such as souvenirs, exquisite handcrafted products and shops in La Rambla, in large plazas like Cataluyna and Passeig de Gracia. Many shopping centers and major brands are located here. Be careful with your wallet when you come here! 



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