Discover German nudity


Nudist culture is a popular tradition in Germany, people may be naked in the sauna, swimming pool, beach or lying on the lawn and reading newspapers in the park.

Passion is not extinguished
When thinking of Germany, forget about symbols such as sausages or beer … A genuine German can comfortably take off his clothes and lie on the grass.

For Germans, naked in the park, beach, sauna or swimming pool … is perfectly normal. In the summer at Berlin and Munich parks, middle-aged men with “tan” skin, wearing only a hat, lying on the grass, reading the BILD-Zeitung and no-one embarrassed about this whole thing.
In Germany, nudity is a popular traditional culture, known by its own name FKK, which stands for “Freikoerperkultur”, meaning “culture of liberation”. This passion originated in the late 19th century and became a part of the exercise and sunbathing to exercise. It can also cure some diseases such as tuberculosis and rheumatism.

Since 1920, while many parts of Europe are still in their infancy, Germany has its first nudist beach in Sylt. But under Nazi Germany, this type of culture was strictly controlled under the rules for allegedly immoral behavior and “the birthplace of Marxism and homosexuality.”
By 1942, these rules had softened and received a response from the East-West. Even when the war took place the passion of naked in the heart of the Germans never once.

In 1949, when the country was divided, many parts of West Germany were busy establishing the Association for the Liberation of the Body – which is now part of the German Olympics and also the largest member of the Naturist International Federation.

A series of beaches, nude parks

Today, about 600,000 Germans register to participate in 300 separate nudist areas or the FKK Body Liberation Club. Members come to the club for sunbathing, walking or running through the countryside and just bring backpacks, boots or running shoes.

Many beaches, naked park FKK appear. Examples include the English Garden in Munich, the Berlin park, the Mauerpark park in Prenzlauer Berg, the Volkspark Friedrichshain park and the Tiergarten park.

Public beaches like the Wannsee or the Mueggelsee. At present, the beach resort of Sylt is said to be the destination of the rich and famous. For those who do not want to be discriminated against, they choose the island of Ruegen on the largest Baltic coast of Germany.
Before the nude scenes first appeared in Hollywood, the scene was long gone in German films.

In both East and West Germany, nudity is always favored, it is curious to the people. In the early days, beach culture was mostly supported and nudity was widely tolerated. Perhaps this is why sunbathing is still acceptable in most beaches around the Mediterranean.

When the West German people started their holidays throughout Europe, they brought nude culture to the land they came in and the Germans made their own style on the nude beaches in Germany. Europe.

How to nude in Germany?

Many visitors to amusement parks like the beach in Germany will not be “rounded eyes” when they see naked comfort. Nude areas do not have dressing rooms, stripes will take place between candles and no German is offended by this action, even they are always happy to welcome new members.

Most of the FKK beaches will also have icons in the free nude areas. After passing through these symbols, visitors must remove all their clothing immediately to avoid being reminded by the managers.
For world travelers, Germany is a naked paradise, but nowadays the German population is not as large as before. Young people still enjoy sunbathing in the park and swimming pool. But apparently, the nude ideal of the Germans is dying, the number of members is scattered. Perhaps because they have reached the same level of freedom they desire. And freedom in life is not necessarily manifested by the clean up.


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