Discover the three flowers season hard to miss the last months around the world


The florid floriade flower garden, the pink roses garden in the desert or the vivid purple flowers are all good suggestions for the last months of the year.
Here are three flowers difficult to miss when traveling abroad.

Floriade Flower Festival, Australia
Unlike other Asian countries in September, October is the time of entry, this is the time when Australia welcomes spring brilliant. In it, the colorful and fragrant floriade flower festival is considered a strong impression on visitors. September is also an ideal time for tourists to relax, drop in the beautiful natural environment to the heart of the country.

From September 15th to October 14th, the Floriade Spring Festival takes place at Commonwealth Park in Canberra. It is considered one of the largest flower festivals in the Southern Hemisphere, the theme is designed each year, each flower shaped icon is a unique art masterpiece.

Floriade Flower Festival 2018 takes place from 15/9 to 14/10.
Visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery in the cool spring, drop their soul in the flower paintings include tulip, violet, narcissus, chrysanthemum, cherry … Photo Gallery in the large canvas Interflora Exhibition Marquee is hard to miss when attending the festival. Here, visitors learn about gardening, flower display, meeting with flower artisans.

In addition, visitors have the opportunity to stroll around the specialty stalls, enjoy food and enjoy the music.

Flower garden in the heart of Dubai desert
With this trip, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the largest flower garden in the desert – Dubai Miracle. The 70,000 square meter garden, recognized as one of the largest flower gardens in the world, is located in Dubai’s Arabian Ranches, a city famous for its lavish, modern buildings.

Millions of gardens in Dubai with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 70,000 m2, more than 45 million flowers.
The garden has more than 45 million flowers blooming in vibrant colors, heart-shaped flowers stretching along the path, fence is windmills, splendid flower mansions, bring freshness like Colorful oasis in the desert.

These unique artworks are made from 100% flowers.
Arrive in Dubai, where you can take a stroll through Al Fahidi’s old town, Bastakiya, walk along the seafront on Palm Jumeirah, visit the tower of Buji Khalifa – the tallest tower. Visit the 7-star Buri Al Arab Hotel, Spice Market and Gold Souks.

In addition, visitors can experience the journey of desert exploration on the terrain vehicle, camel ride, enjoy the Arabian style buffet and see the belly dance in the mysterious desert night.

Purple phoenix flowers in South Africa
Fallen, autumn and winter, all the streets, streets in South Africa are dyed purple dream, fanciful. Purple flowers in the city lasts from September to November every year.

Coming to South Africa, tourists are not overwhelmed by the sky and the phoenix flowers dyed purple, scented spread over the city of Johannesburg. The soft sunshine reflects on the glass windows of tall buildings, giving Johannesburg brilliant beauty.

Purple flowers dyed purple color, scented scented spread across the city of South Africa.
For those who love nature, like to learn about wildlife, Pilanesberg National Park is the hardest to miss. Here visitors enjoy the fresh air of one of South Africa’s largest nature reserves, anxiously awaiting the arrival of African wildlife.

The majestic mountains, white sand, blue sea make it attractive to all visitors to Cape Town. Experience the cable car to the top of Table Mountain, the Cape Penisula Peninsula, cruise on the Hout Bay to see the sea urchin, visit the Cape of Good Hope or see the penguin populations on the Boulders coast are all memorable experiences. for visitors.

Not only purple flowers, South Africa is also famous for its wildlife parks and wildlife.
With long-haul trips such as Australia, Dubai and South Africa, most travelers choose to follow the tour by reasonably priced, quality service and good starting point for the best season of the tourist destination. Blue Sky Vietnam is one of the service units with a variety of product lines with flexible day-to-day, non-rush schedule, allowing visitors to enjoy nature and explore the culture, people. geography.


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