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Each European country carries its own unique cultural and historical gifts, so every trip to a different European country will bring you new and unforgettable vibes. In this article, European tour will give you the experience of travel  Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands, the most open city in Europe today .

1. Some basic information about Amsterdam

Although the Dutch government’s headquarters are located in The Hague, Amsterdam is nominally still the capital. It is also the largest city in the country, with a population of 851,000, but it is home to four times as many tourists as the population. In Amsterdam, important decisions and regulations are issued and approved by the city council.

The forerunner of the capital Amsterdam is a small fishing village around the Amstel River which was founded in 1250. This fishing village later developed rapidly to become a medieval town rich. From the beginning of the 16th century, hundreds of small and large boats departed from Amsterdam harbor on the journey to explore the world and bring back the treasures. By the 17th century, Amsterdam became the richest and most powerful city in the world, especially with the invention of the stock market and trading companies. Economic development also led to the development of art and science in this city. Later, the Dutch empire lost control of the waters to the British Empire.

2. So when to travel to Amsterdam?

The best time to visit Amsterdam is in the middle of the season, when the tourist arrivals are down and the weather is pleasant, not too hot or too cold. However, if you can withstand cold temperatures, Do not think that visiting Amsterdam in winter is not bad, because the number of tourists this season is extremely low, leading to cheap hotel prices extremely. The following are some of Amsterdam’s seasonal travel experiences from Deer’s Vietnam:

The time when the best weather and most frequent tourist activities are happening:

  • Spring (March – May):  After a cold winter, spring is the time of this beautiful city shake off the clothes cold and darkness to greet the tulip, saffron flower or flowers Blossom is blossoming and local people are ready for the sunny days and lively festivities. Cultural highlights for Spring are the King’s Day (April) or the famous Keukenhof Gardens (late March).
  • Summer (June – August):  With sunny days and a long list of artistic activities, summer is the peak of the tourist season in the Netherlands. So be ready to stand on a long line of people waiting to be in the city’s landscapes or pay a small amount to find a good place to relax. In the summer, cultural activities you can attend are the Holland Festival (June), the UNESCO World Heritage Week (June), the Amsterdam Gay Pride (July – August) or Canal Festival (August).
  • The cheapest, least touristy, and most inexpensive place to experience:
    • Autumn (September – November):  Autumn is the time when the temperature begins to decrease and goes in a cooler, more pleasant way. Not only that, the tourist season ends with the price of hotel and airfare down. As the weather gets colder, the Dutch turn their attention to cultural activities and cozy spaces in familiar cafes and restaurants. The Jordaan Festival (August – September) or the Amsterdam Light Festival (November) are events you should attend.
    • Winter (December – February):  As the day progresses short and the weather is very cold, the city of Amsterdam enters winter. Although the weather is not very appealing to people, if you can withstand the cold, winter is the time when the cheapest airfare or hotel, and cultural activities are not lacking, especially in the Christmas Birth and New Year.

How do you move in Amsterdam?

The travel experience of Amsterdam is  very important as the means of transportation to and in the city. Vietnam airlines have flights to the capital Amsterdam, but you should choose the route that a stop or direct flight to save time traveling and not tired of stopping. many times. Amsterdam Airport is approximately 15km from the city, so travel is easy for visitors.


Amsterdam is a small and fascinating city, so it is recommended that you take the opportunity to walk as much as you can, to enjoy the lively and relaxed lifestyle of the city, as well as the view. Look at the canals and local houses.

Another way to discover this beautiful place is to rent a bicycle. Amsterdam is known as the city of bicycles because here, the number of bicycles (more than 880,000) four times more than the number of cars. However, the center line is quite small, so cars and bicycles run in the same lane and to the right you have to pay close attention. Finding a bike rental in Amsterdam is as easy as finding a Kebab in Berlin or a pizza in Florence: they are everywhere at every price; Even motels or hotels also offer this service. However, you need to be very careful to store your bike offline. A bike will definitely be the key to exploring this city as you can carry your bike on ferries or subways.

Amsterdam city of bicycle
Amsterdam city of bicycle

If you do not like cycling, you can use the city’s public transportation system. The main traffic system in the city center is 18 tram lines running on the street side. There are also local buses that take visitors to the city and buses that take you to the suburbs. In addition, four useful subway lines can take travelers in and around the central area easily. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get a car from central station or Waterlooplein to Biklmer. You can buy tram or bus tickets right at this station, but if you want to save, you should buy before departure. There are red ticket machines in areas such as tram stations, supermarkets and cigar stores.

Taxis in Amsterdam are very convenient but the price is quite expensive. If you have no experience, you will be shocked by the taxi drivers. They even refuse to take short walks, or if they agree to it, they will charge you very high. So instead of taking a taxi, it is best to go by bus or tram.

Which hotel in Amsterdam should you choose?

The next Amsterdam travel experience that De Viet will share with you is the choice of where to stay during your visit to the Dutch capital. Here are the mid-range hotel choices for those who do not want to sleep in student lodging:

  • The Student Hotel:  With its central location in the old printing district of Parool and Trouw, this hotel offers a contemporary and personalized stay. Address: Wibautstraat 129 1091 GL Amsterdam.
  • The Bulldog Hotel: Formerly a Amsterdam-style “cafe”, The Bulldog has grown up and opened a hotel in the same building, located right next to Red Light District. Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 220, 1012 GJ Amsterdam.
  • Flipper Hotel Amsterdam:  Located in a quiet street in the south of central Amsterdam, just a short walk away from places such as Amstel Station, Albert Cuyp Market or the famous De Pijp Quarter, the Flipper Hotel The place is suitable for those who travel alone or families enjoy the holiday together. Address: Borssenburgstraat 5, 1078 VA Amsterdam

Scenic spots you can not miss in Amsterdam.

According to many statistics, Amsterdam is the city with the highest cultural and artistic value per capita around the world. As such, the museums are always the attraction of Amsterdam tourists . Besides Amsterdam, there are many other interesting attractions, which we will find out now:


This is probably one of the most famous sights in Amsterdam. Founded in 1809, Rijkmuseum is the city’s most important artistic archives, with a total of more than 7 million artworks, of which over 5000 paintings have been distributed to more than 250 museums. and a library of over 35,000 books. This is also the only museum in the world that you can tour by bike.

A unique aspect of the Rijksmuseum
A unique aspect of the Rijksmuseum

Van Gogh Museum: 

Every year, about 1.5 million visitors flock to the museum to see the remains of one of the most talented artists in the world. Because of that, Van Gogh Museum is considered to be one of the most important art collections in the world (it is also the second most visited museum in the Netherlands).

Western church:

This is the most famous church in the city, and also the venue for the wedding of Queen Beatrix in 1966. Completed in 1630, this Renaissance style castle has a lot of architecture. Gothic style on the outside and interior.

Visit the old house Oude Kerk:

This is a church with many small houses on the inside, considered a peaceful paradise located in the heart of the famous red light district with prostitution and drugs. The buildings here, especially the octagonal octagonal tower, were used by the sailors to determine the direction of the path. The original building was built in the early 13th century, originally built entirely of wood. Later in the 14th century, the building was rebuilt in Gothic style and is preserved strictly until today. The special features of the church are reflected in the high windows, the decorations of the Middle Ages, the tombstone and the wooden dome is painted very impressive.

Dam Square:

Dam Square is a historic district of the city, although there are a number of suggestions that there are no other places in Europe better, but this square is really worth a visit. Take time to come here to visit and learn. It has been associated with many historical events in the country, such as the arrival of King Napoleon with his army to take over the city in the 1808s. clearly recorded in the book and visitors can learn it at the Amsterdam Historical Museum.

In this square, you can also visit many of the city’s attractions, such as the Royal Palace or the new Nieuwe Kerk or National Monument – a 22-meter high stone pillar.

Red light district:

It is possible to see red light like a sex amusement park in this country. If anyone first arrives here for the first time will certainly see the blush and do not believe in this country there is such a place. But for the Dutch people as well as those who frequented this often, they have nothing strange. The red lights from the windows in the houses here have created a mysterious look for this area. Although it is considered a very safe place, but you should also be careful when strolling through the deserted streets here. And do not forget to take pictures here.

And your trip will be wasted if you do not go to visit the famous Dutch windmill village  in the world, it is associated with the image of the people of the Netherlands. Maybe you will not believe in Amsterdam, there are eight windmills in the middle of the city waiting for visitors. Do not forget to bring your camera when going to the windmill village.

Eat while traveling Amsterdam.

Compared to other major cities in the neighboring countries, Amsterdam’s cuisine seems to be slightly weaker. But it does not mean that you will not be able to find delicious local dishes in this beautiful city, here are some of the dishes you do not forget to visit when visiting Amsterdam:

  • Bitterballen:  One of the most amazing dishes to come with a cool bottle of Heineken. Bitterballen are fried meat and are often served with mustard.
  • Dutch Roast: When strolling on the streets of Amsterdam, you will surely see locals picking up hot potato wrapped in paper wrapped in a variety of sauces and sauces. eat together. Do not be surprised because that’s how the Dutch enjoy the potato chips. 
  • Kibbeling:  If it’s another specialty: live herring does not make you feel good, then surely Kibbeling – fried oiled cod is sure to seduce you right from the first morsel.
  • Cheese:  Do not go home without visiting at least a ‘kaas’  in Amsterdam and try some of your favorite cheese  
  • Poffertjes:  A delicious Dutch dessert. This small and hot pancake is sold at many restaurants around Amsterdam but nothing can beat a hot poffertjes package bought at a street stall.

Shopping, prices in Amsterdam.

Like other European countries, Amtrak in the Netherlands also uses the Euro. If you want to change your money, you should not trade in private locations around the area because the exchange rate is very high, instead you should change at the bank or station or airport.

You can buy small souvenirs from the busy markets such as Albert Cuyp or Bloemenmarkt, or any of the Amsterdam’s street markets. Some of the typical wooden shovels, windmills or cheeses are good gifts for tourists and holidaymakers. However, the gift that the team of consultants of Vietnam always enjoy being brought back after each trip to Amsterdam is our Stroopwafels cake. 

The article above is  an Amterdam travel experience that is  extremely useful for your travels. Know where to go, where to rent hotels, places to eat, visit famous, shopping … will help you to travel the Netherlands is full of interesting and many memories.


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