Experience cheap Venice travel to discover Europe’s most romantic city


Venice – the most romantic, romantic and romantic city in Europe. The strangely attractive at first sight with the beautiful islands, gentle canals, ancient beauty, the Renaissance Renaissance statue of Venice.

The moment should travel to Venice

Heavy rains lasted for about six months beginning in October, about the time when Venice sank into the sea. Therefore, the summer (from March to May) will be a great time for you to enjoy the fresh air.

In addition to the summer, you can visit Venice in the winter with the fog lurking on the Venice Canal has created a beautiful scene to enchanting, beautiful to dream.

Transportation to Venice

A city of peace and tranquility, apart from walking, Venice is navigable by means of waterways without any motorized vehicles (motorcycles, boats, cars, …).

When it arrived in Venice, it was certain to go Gondola, even if it was a wooden boat, curved in two ends and a sailor wearing a sailor hat, blue or red bow tie.

In addition to the transportation by waterway, you walk to explore every corner, from the architecture and every store in Venice, … is also very interesting.

Hotel service

In Venice there are many hotels, from budget hotels to high-end hotels, depending on the needs and budget that you can choose your own hotel.

But travel experience Venice without any tour can find and book hotel rooms online at booking.com, agoda.com …

Unique cuisine in Venice

Fresh seafood dishes with oriental flavors when traveling to Venice, you definitely have to try these delicious dishes, including 3 dishes that you can not be ignored such as, Cutterfish in black ink sauce, Spaghetti Seafood and Sprizt.

In addition to the seafood, you should also enjoy some local dishes: traditional pasta noodles, wine, Amarone, …

Venica famous tourist destination no one missed

Place Piazza San Marco

This is the most popular free tourist spot in Venice. You will admire the beauty of ancient churches Marco. In addition, you can climb up the Campanile di San Marco and you will be overwhelmed by the romantic, splendid and ancient beauty of Venice from above.

Burano and Murano Islands

With colorful homes, the opportunity to visit the famous Murano glass island. Here you can buy special souvenirs, not to touch and cheap price again.

Rialto bridge and Rialto market

Also popular tourist destinations in Venice. A romantic icon of Venice, Rialto Market is a cheap shopping in Venice, especially fresh seafood.

Dodge’s Palace

With the experience of Venice travel savings, when you come here you will experience  the Secret Itinerary, Casanova prison and the famous Than Tho Bridge.

If you plan to travel to Venice in the coming summer, then have a chance to experience the fascinating Venice . Will help you have a better trip.


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