Golden Palace – a new tourist destination for those who want to return to Thailand


This is not a normal cave, this is a mysterious place that only when set foot inside visitors to find out. It is a glittering golden Kuhaharhut palace, located just below the mouth of the Playa Nakorn cave in Thailand.

If you come here at noon, the sparkling scene inside the cave attracts the first glimpse of visitors. As the sun goes down to the cave, into every nook and cranny of the palace, everything is bright and beautiful.

Hang Nakorn in the forest in Khao Samurroi Marine National Park. This small island is connected by long bridges that are crossed horizontally, visitors can walk on this bridge to see the scenery before exploring the cave inside.

Playa Nakorn can be considered one of the main attractions. It was discovered 200 years ago. Kuhaharhut Palace was built to commemorate the visit of King Rama V.

To be more precise, this is not a huge royal palace but it is still called a palace instead of a monument. Every day this place welcomes hundreds of tourists to visit.

People come here not only have the opportunity to admire the masterpiece has for hundreds of years, but also the inside fairy scene makes everyone feel excited. The spirituality of this place is also sought many people seeking peace, luck.


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