Immerse yourself in the `fairy paradise ‘of Songwol dong fresco village, Korea


Formerly slum shabby nobody came to visit, Songwol dong village was “magically” allowed by the Korean artisans to become a “fairy paradise” tourists swarmed come.

The beautiful fancy village is no strangers to tourists, but Songwol dong, Incheon city, Korea has a special attraction because this is an upgraded version with 3D rendering.

Not only the normal 2D drawings, Songwol dong village is decorated with 3D animated images as a “fairy world” really

Coming to Songwol village, you get lost in the “fairytale paradise” of childhood with fairy tales, Disney princesses, magnificent castles, animals, animals in the forest. All the shops are decorated with fun colors and bright colors to help visitors have fun spirit, full of energy.

The steps here are decorated in bright colors, with vibrant cartoon characters familiar

The village of Songwol dong is also part of the Korean government’s slaying project. “Paradise of the fairy” was renovated in a new style with lively paintings in the style of “fairy” to develop the tourism potential of the poor, less developed.

The Songwol dong fairy village is divided into 10 zones: the first one is about 30 meters from the entrance, known as “The Street of Dorothy”. Coming to this area, tourists will see the fairy Tinker Bell, boy Peter Pan, and then lost to the second district with the famous fairy tale – Wizard in Oz village.

The beautiful landscape of the village of Songwol dong attracts not only the young but also the adults who want to come here to return to their childhood.

In the village Songwol dong The Street of Netherlands is considered the most beautiful, especially in the spring, when the tulips bloom, blooming in the sun. There is a 5m high wall that mimics the windmill – the symbol of this country. Especially, due to its higher position than other areas, when entering the Dutch Road, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the entire village of this child.


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