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In the European tour you can not ignore the French capital of Paris. Paris always brings a beauty, ancient, romantic, with architectural works of art with delicate cuisine, luxury. Visitors can visit the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, the Picasso Museum, the Sacred Heart Basilica or the Georges Pompidou Center, and many other tourist attractions.

Do you want to visit beautiful country cradle of the world or not?

Where is Paris best?

Paris is divided into two distinct seasons: summer and winter. However, the summer in Paris is not as sunny as in Vietnam, which is the best time to travel to Paris . So the number of tourists coming here at this time is quite crowded. The winter here is quite cold, although the day is still sunny but the weather is still the dominant mainstream.

In addition, you can refer to some of the most exciting Paris tourist attractions, such as: parade and fireworks day of the national day (July 14), participate in recreational activities in fake Paris Plages (August), Christmas (December) …

Transportation in Paris

If you are visiting, exploring the city of Paris you should choose vehicles by bus, subway, bike or scenic walk is also very interesting experience there.

– Subway: This means

– Bus: If you travel to places with short distances, the bus will be the best choice for you

– Trains: Suitable for those who plan to move from one city to another.

Note that if you go to explore Paris by bus, tram, train, subway, … should not smoke offline. If you smoke, you will lose a lot of money and you will lose about 68 Euros

Hotels, motels

Being the capital of light is also the famous place of the country so the system of motels, hotels here grows quite a lot. However, the cost is quite expensive, so visitors often find for themselves mid-priced, cheap hotels in Paris to reduce the cost of travel.

Finding a good value hotel in Paris is quite necessary. So Hipotel Paris Montmartre Gare du Nord will be the place for you. Not only convenient location but also near the famous tourist spots in Paris to help you move easily.

Reference price is about: 42.55 USD. The room rates are quite cheap, but still full of services, equipment needed for wifi customers … attitudes to staff are very enthusiastic, thoughtful always make you feel most comfortable. The lowest reference price is $ 45.63.

Unique cuisine in Paris:

As a canteen of the world so French cuisine is quite sophisticated and sophisticated. There are delicious cakes. Not only good smell but the form of cake is quite diverse, very beautiful:

Tart onion

If you are the type who wants to eat pizza, Tart onion must definitely try. A cake made with eye-catching color and delicious taste easily conquer the taste of many customers.

You should eat with salad to be able to feel the delicious taste, sophistication of France.


One of the traditional biscuits in France. This type of cake is often served with milk or coffee tastes every morning

There are also a variety of Parisian dishes to explore.

A number of tourist destination known Paris

Top of the Eiffel

Eiffel Tower is a steel structure, 300m high one of the famous tourist attractions, if you still want to conquer the Eiffel Tower you order online (online) will not have to wait to be sliced ​​up. tower.

Visit the Louvre

You are an art lover, the Louvre Museum is one of the attractions, tourist attractions in Paris that you can not ignore.

With 30,000 beautiful works, unique views of the original Mona Lisa painting and Egyptian promise will give you an exciting experience, memorable when you come here.

Nostalgia with Notre Dame Cathedral

To make your Paris trip more complete, perfect, you can not miss the destination of Notre Dame Cathedral. This is a unique and magnificent Gothic architecture associated with the famous works of writer Victor Hugo.

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