The 10 most attractive countries in the world


10 places to visit are the countries with unique culture, beautiful natural scenery and unique cuisine, diverse. In particular, France is leading the list with 86.9 million visitors.

1 . France 

With 86.9 million tourists, France has become a world leader. Exciting tours in many ancient cultural centers such as the famous Eiffel Tower – Paris, Lyon or the Alpine Alps, the ski resort, the park …

2. Spain

Spain ranks second on the list with 81.8 million tourists, most of whom are from Europe, such as Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. , such as the capital Madrid, the city of Barcelona, ​​the world-class resorts on the Mediterranean coast and the Atlantic. Besides, here are also famous for many festivals, the most impressive being the Carnival; 15 national parks and visitors are exploring the bustling nightlife …

3. U.S.American

Ranked third for the US with 75.9 million visitors. American tourism is still a dream of many people in the world. A land of freedom, riches and development in the world, converging diverse cultural identity as well as many bustling cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas … The most prominent attractions in the country. US Times Square – Times Square (New York). It is one of the world’s busiest walkways, attracting millions of visitors every year.

4. China

With a long history of culture, China has many ancient cities, towns or townships, preserved intact. From Beijing, Shanghai to Hangzhou, Suzhou … China always possesses interesting destinations that visitors around the world are looking forward to a visit.

5. Italy

Named one of the world’s five largest fashion cities, Italy is known for its famous architecture such as Leaning Tower of Pisa, Vatican City, Rome, Duomo (Milan) and Many large shopping centers like the Vittorio Emanuele are covered with glass.

6. Mexico

Situated in the North American region, Mexico is ranked sixth of all tourist attractions with pleasant climate, unique cuisine, tropical jungles in the south, south east coast, pristine beaches and resorts. nourishing. Most visitors to Mexico come from neighboring countries in the north such as Canada, USA; The number of tourists from Europe and Asia has also increased step by step.

7. United Kingdom

With its distinctive culture and architectural heritage, the United Kingdom ranks seventh in the top ten tourist destinations in the world. London is the largest city, bringing the UK to become the world’s leading economic center.

8. Turkey

As a place of geographical and cultural interplay between Asia and Europe, Turkey owns eight exciting tourist attractions that anyone can hardly ignore. It is famous for Hippodrome Constantinople, The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Cappadocia sunrise on the balloon. The ancient land in the turquoise green space of Turkey will surprise you, interesting.

9. Germany

Germany is a tourist attraction with 37.5 million visitors. Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are the most visited cities. In addition, some national parks in the reserve such as Saxon Switzerland, Jasmund … also have millions of visitors every year.

10. Thailand

“Country of Smile” – Thailand is a tourist attraction in the world with vibrant festivals, culinary culture special. Thai-Lan cuisine has received many compliments from international visitors, many of which feature “Tom Boom”, such as Tom yum goong, Thai Pad Mango, Thai milk tea, fruits, juices, steamed seafood …


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