The 10 most exotic and unique bridges in the world


It is difficult to imagine a bridge lying halfway across the cloud and supported on giant hands. Let the Bright Side look at the most unique and unbelievable bridges in the world.

1. On the hands, Vietnam

Golden Bridge is now the main tourist destination in Danang City, Vietnam. The bridge from the opening immediately attracted millions of visitors thanks to the unique structure – two giant hands supporting the bridge.

According to the designers, this is the image of God’s hand that is lifting this gold strip right on the ground. And according to the visitors, they are very impressed with this work, and they admire the talented and creative designers who have devised and implemented such unique ideas.

2. In the sky, Malaysia

From above, the bridge crossed over the sky, so the new bridge was called “Sky Bridge”. The Sky Bridge is a bridge thanks to a steel pillar and eight solid cables spanning the pedestrianized Mat Chincang.

3. Across the ocean, China

The East China Sea is a large bridge in the South China Sea and also the first sea-crossing bridge in China connecting the mainland to Shanghai with Yangshan Port in China.

The graceful S-shape of the bridge not only attains aesthetic beauty but also for safety purposes. Unlike other straighteners, drivers on the highways are forced to stay focused on driving.

4. Through a forest, Canada

The Capilano Suspension Bridge across a river of the same name derives from the name of the Indian tribal leader Squamish. The two sides of the river are rows of cedar straight up to blue sky. Beneath the suspension bridge is the meandering Capilano River that winds and meshes through the stones like a stream. The bridge is mainly made of large rope with biceps, shaking and shaking, causing a sense of loss of balance, causing many visitors to give up.

5. Reflection, Germany

The special feature of the famous Rakotzbrücke bridge is that its reflective image on the lake always makes for a great and perfect circle, regardless of angle. The place is surrounded by mystical auras and visitors can only see from afar.

Entrance to the bridge is closed not for mysterious reasons but for safety reasons. This work is not intended for travel purposes but is aesthetically pleasing.

6. On waterfall, United States

The Benson Bridge is a bridge over Multnomah Falls in the US state of Oregon. According to an ancient legend, the Multnomah Falls appears after the daughter of a patriarch jumped from the cliffs sacrificing herself to the souls in order to save her tribe from a terrible disease.

The person on the bridge will certainly not be surprised by being in the middle of the majestic scenery of the mountains, you like a beautiful picture of natural beauty in front of.

7. Based on waterfall, Norway

In Norway’s Hordaland county, there is a majestic waterfall in the municipality of Odda, which is called Låtefossen or Låtefoss. This is a waterfall about 200 meters high. The waterfall is especially located on the Lotevatnet, which divides the stream into two streams. These two falls meet near the end of the flow. The special feature of this waterfall lies in the fact that there is a stone bridge with six curved domes crossing the waterfall to connect the route. This stone bridge was built in 1859. Standing on the bridge over the Låtefossen waterfall, you will see the majesty of nature and feel like splashing into the beautiful waterfall.

8. Canal and water supply system, England

Pontcysyllte is in the waterway system from the Llangollen Canal to the Denbighshire coal mines and canals in Wales, across the Dee Valley and is the longest and highest bridge in the UK.

Built 200 years ago, this unique waterway not only becomes a technical masterpiece, but also the perfect monumental architecture that is considered a World Heritage Site.

9. From the imagination, Spain

Puente Nuevo is translated from Spanish as “New Bridge”, but in fact it was built in the 18th century.

The bridge was built quickly, lasting for six years and collapsed while taking the lives of about 50 people. That is why the reconstruction of the bridge was taken very seriously and took 34 years.

10. Bridge Bridge, China

The bridge spans two peaks in Zhangjiajie National Park, China, 430 meters in length and 300 meters above the ground. Thousands of people have come here to experience the feeling of walking on the highest, longest glass-bottomed bridge in the world

Visitors can walk along the bridge, more adventurous people can try bungee jumping or cable slider.


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