The 23 most attractive places you should visit once in your life (Part 2)


In part 1, we have introduced the world’s most fascinating destinations that can not be missed. Here are the wonders that give you a great experience when you “bring your backpack up and away.”

12. Japan

There are no countries in the world where traditions are always parallel to modern Japan. The traditional habits ingrained in the country and people here. To Japan, you will be inspired by the pride and dedication of the Japanese for the job. The unique features of the Japanese are present in every interaction, from the meals to the garden you walk. This particular country’s specialness is not limited to traditional rituals but also pioneering modern technology in the world, as evidenced by its vibrant colors, development and world-class electronics.

You can eat sushi and karaoke in Tokyo or visit the temples and bamboo forests of Kyoto, ski on Mt. Fuji or watch the snow monkeys in Jigokudani Monkey Park. Japan will fascinate you at every angle. Come to Japan, do not forget to watch cherry blossoms covering the region in the spring.

11. Paris, France

Paris is a city of love, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With its rich culture, exquisite cuisine and invaluable artwork, Paris will never let you down. Immerse yourself in the 2,000 year-old wonder of Paris, you will feel lost in a dream never want to wake up.

Paris is ranked in the list of the most visited cities in the world with millions of visitors each year. You can experience the feeling of climbing the Eiffel Tower, taking pictures at the Arc de Triomphe, visiting the Louvre and the Notre Dame church, exploring the tomb. For the simplest, strolling along the pretty cobbled streets of the city or an afternoon in the café is enough for Paris to occupy a special place in the heart of visitors.

10. Great Wall, China

Considered to be one of the greatest architectural achievements of mankind, the Great Wall is the longest and the only artificial structure that can be observed from outer space. The wall was built 2,500 years ago as a fortress to protect the border of the Chinese Empire from the invasion of Mongolia.

Architecture is often compared to a giant dragon, majestic walls bend over the mountains, across forests, deserts, and even across the river. This place has majestic beauty regardless of the season, but it is best to visit in the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom to adorn the surrounding landscape. Today, the Great Wall is one of the seven new wonders of the world and is recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage.

9. Population of the Bagan Shrine, Myanmar

In contrast to the past, more than 10,000 temples were once in the ancient city of Bagan, the capital of Pagan. Although the earthquake and the Mongol invasion led to the collapse of the kingdom, more than 2,200 temples survived until now.
The Bagan population is one of the finest archaeological sites in the world. With an area of ​​over 67 square kilometers, the landscape is lush greenery, rivers and thousands of temples. Visit this place as soon as possible to enjoy the comfort before Bagan is crowded by so many tourists.

8. Pyramids of Egypt

Still standing behind 4500 years of construction, the Giza Pyramid’s population is the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World recognized by UNESCO, the most recognizable relic on Earth. The Pyramids are guarded by the Great Masters, the giant sculpture with human head and lion.

Pyramid of Giza is one of the great mysteries of human history. The absolute geometry and scale of the pyramids have led to centuries-old debates on how the pyramids were built and who built them. While most say the ancient Egyptians built pyramids, others have claimed that no human can successfully create such structures – they assert This is the work of aliens. To date, the answer to these mysteries is still open. Visit Giza to admire and discover the mystery surrounding this building.

7. African animal migration season

Millions of antelopes cross the river during the migration season
The annual migration of millions of antelopes, zebras and other species from the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania to the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya is called the “World’s Greatest Animal World Program. gender “. Migration is an annual activity when the rainy season begins in this area, where animals find greener pastures. You should visit this place in July and August, when the herd of rattlesnakes gather and cross the Grumeti River. This migration will give you a panoramic view of the wildlife world in Africa, completely without human figures.

6. Australia

The island’s vastness makes it one of the largest biodiversity reserves in the world. Here, you will have the opportunity to experience and explore many different things, depending on the preferences of each person.

In the heart of Australia is the famous Outback, a vast desert with the giant stone Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock), promising to bring you an adventurous adventure. Although the outback occupies 70% of Australia’s area, this is a fascinating place for people to explore. The country’s beautiful coastline is one of the ideal places to dive. Australia is also famous for its Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef, paradise beaches such as the Whitsundays, Bondi and Shell Beach, rainforests and the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Do not forget the iconic Opera House of this country. The perfect combination of natural wonders and unique culture makes Australia an unforgettable destination.

5. Angkor Temple, Cambodia

Angkor is one of the most famous and famous landmarks in Southeast Asia. With an area of ​​nearly 400 km2, Angkor’s population is a huge network of temples, rivers and jungles. Angkor Wat, the most iconic temple is considered the pearl of Angkor and is the largest religious monument in the world.

When exploring Angkor, you will be instantly fascinated by the magnificent scenery that the Khmer empire built 1000 years ago. Discovering Angkor is one of the great experiences you will never forget.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is a desirable destination for tourists, for four consecutive years the magazine Travel Telegraph Travel Awards is the most liveable city in the world. There is no shortage of great things to discover. You can live up to your country’s reputation with experiences such as bungee jumping, parachuting, jet skiing or canoeing. Sandy beaches, fine wines and landscapes will please the tranquil guests.

3. Machu Picchu, Peru

Situated on the clouds between the Andean Forest, Machu Picchu is not only the masterpiece of the Incas, but also the jewel of South America. The Inca Empire built this wonder at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea level. It consists of 200 buildings for agriculture, astronomy, religious rituals and residential areas. 100 years after the construction of Machu Picchu, Spain has sought to conquer the Incas. However, the existence of the city was kept secret and almost forgotten for 400 years until it was rediscovered in 1911.

Machu Picchu symbolizes the Inca empire, a wonderful combination of natural and man-made beauty. To get to this place, you have to walk or hike, this is why the city has been forgotten for centuries. Currently Machu Picchu is one of the seven new wonders of the world and is recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage.

2. The Lost City of Petra, Jordan

To get to the mysterious and legendary stories of this city, you have to walk through a long and narrow canyon between two high cliffs. Once out of the canyon, the city will gradually emerge in the immediate vicinity of majestic buildings carved into the cliffs of the desert.

Two thousand years ago, Petra was located in the commercial crossroads of caravans (travel groups) of the world, with more than 20,000 inhabitants. The earthquake has destroyed this thriving city, the last remnants of which were abandoned and forgotten for hundreds of years. Petra’s unforgettable city trip will be a memorable experience for travelers.

1. Italy

Rome will fascinate you with the architectural masterpieces of the ancient Roman Empire, such as the Colosseum or the Pantheon. Venice will immerse you in the space of a city on the water. Great food and drink awaits you in Tuscany, overlooking the picturesque hills of the Renaissance. The beauty of the Amalfi Coast makes you speechless with its multi-colored mesmerizing blue seas. Do not forget to visit Florence, Sicily, Milan and more.


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