Popular attractions in Algeria


Most tourists to Algeria go to the south. It has many popular tourist destinations like Algiers, Oran or Sahara.

Algiers capital
Algiers capital

In the capital of Algiers , visitors can see many impressive citadels such as the remains in Djemila, Timgad and especially Tipasa. All is still intact until today, thanks to the arid desert climate in this place. The most famous of these is the Maghrab, with many zig-zag routes, mosques, schools and houses built under Turkish architecture monumental. And the tourist attractions such as Ethnographic Museum, Folk Art Museum and National Art Museum. It is one of the most popular museums in North Africa.


Going east of Algiers, you will find Turquoise Beach, which is full of beautiful pebble beaches and beautiful beaches. Guests will have an enjoyable experience on sailing boats, taking part in exciting water sports. Sidi Fregj Peninsula has a marina which is a floating theater for visitors to visit.

Oran , Algeria
Oran Algeria

Oran  is home to many mosques and historical monuments. Along the coast of Oran, there are many resorts and hotels. Guests can cruise the waters of Les Andalouses with lots of fun water activities along with nightlife clubs.

Visitors to Algeria can not miss the trip to  the  famous Sahara desert . This desert is a region with very few people, due to hot sun so most visitors come here in winter. As the largest desert in the world, it seems that there is no vegetation, which is increasingly attracting tourists. Visitors can also wear camel riding camel in the desert, experience the interesting things here. In these oases, visitors can stop for a few desert shopping. Usually carved stone carvings, bracelets, necklace … very sophisticated.


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