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If you are planning to travel to Europe or to Italy it is definitely not impossible to miss ROME . It is one of the 11 most visited cities in the world. Like many other European cities, Rome has a lot to offer. You do not know where to go when Travel Rome? Let guide you in the article below.

Things to know before going to Rome.

Referring to Italy, people think of Rome as the most populous city in Italy. It is famous for its many historical sites dating back to Roman times and the ancient museums. Historic center of Rome is a place to mark the history and development of more than 2500 years of the capital city of the Kingdom of Rome, the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic, which dominate power in Western Europe. Every year Rome welcomes millions of visitors to visit. 

To discover the beauty of Rome, it may take you a whole week, even months. It is because of its long history that Rome has so many must-see attractions for travelers who love to explore the historic buildings. 

When is Rome best?

Like most European countries, the best time to get to Rome is from March to October, while in Rome it is spring and summer, the weather is pleasant, not rainy and cold. winter. Avoid Rome in June to August because this is a tourist season in Rome, it is also very hot, most services are overloaded, the cost of the hotel is also skyrocketing and difficult to book. 

Experience traveling to Rome from Vietnam or from other European countries

From Vietnam, there are no direct flights to Rome. However, there are currently many airlines operating this route, fares and transit points depend on the airline and the time of booking. Ticket prices from Vietnam to Rome ranged from $ 15 million / person or more. If you want to reduce the cost of airfare you can fly to other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand or Malaysia and then fly to Rome, fares will be a bit cheaper.

If you are on a European tour and want to travel to Rome, you can fly by plane, bus or tram. To save time, if you go by plane you can choose some good quality cheap airline like Ryan Air, Trans Avia or Easy Jet. If you go by bus you find of Eurolines, Flixbus, also by train you should choose Eurail’s. 

Are you in Italy? The most convenient way to select the Italian national train is Trenitalia, the price is very good and convenient because the last stop is Roma Termini Central Station, which can take tram to and from the city. The street is very convenient. 

How to move in Rome save 

Rome is not too big and there are subway stations nearby, so the main means of transportation in Rome is by metro. The fare for a subway ride is 1.5 € and if you specify more you can buy a ticket (1,2,3 day tickets for € 7, € 12.5, € 18 or 7 day for 24 €). If you want to save more, do not hesitate to walk by the places are relatively close to each other. Once you arrive at a sightseeing spot like the Vatican or the Colosseum, you get off the station and walking is the right decision.

You can rent a Vespa around the old city of Rome, looking very stylish, but only suitable for those who want to hire or know the Italian Vespa is used only because of expensive rent, but walking and travel. By train is more convenient. The rent for a motorbike is around 50 euros / day, renting a bike is 7-8 euros / day.

The location of the hotel / hostel is reliable when coming to Rome 

Rooms in Rome are usually relatively expensive, if you want to save money, please refer to the room rates and reservations in advance to make sure the room is suitable for money. You can book directly on or A number of budget hotels can refer to: 

  • Hotel Villa Teresa – 5, Castel Giubileo Street, Bắc Rome – từ 22.73 USD
  • Antico Casale Hotel – 952 Della Pisana Street, Tây Rome, Rome – từ 20.66 USD
  • Cesar Palace Guesthouse – Via Nomentana, 55, Nomentano, Rome – từ 30.11 USD

Eat in Rome

The cost of dining in Rome is also very varied, very expensive and very cheap. A meal in a restaurant in Rome costs about 25 euros per person, saving you fastfood for only 3-5 euros per person. Some dishes in Rome should try: 

Cornetti and Cappuccino : This is a typical Rome breakfast. Delicious dessert bread with coffee is a great way to start the new day everyone wishes. 

Pizza and Ice Cream Gelato : Pizza is too many and you can find anywhere on the streets of Rome, crispy pizza slices and fat spreads are hard to resist. A super-tasty pizza restaurant, Berzitello Quattro Formaggi, is of great value. Gelato Italian ice cream does not need much introduction, the sweet sour taste of juices mixed with cream fresh fat is worth a try more than once if you have the opportunity to travel Milan. 

The place can not go to Rome

Your Rome trip will be incomplete if you miss these locations. Getting to these locations is only a matter of 1-2 days. 

  1. Colosseum Colosseum and Ancient Roman Relics

Previously, the Roman square was the place where the procession, speech, trade from Roman times. Over the centuries it has become a ruin with old buildings and some temples.

Colosseum’s ancient Colosseum is located in a large collection of monuments in the area, including many monuments, buildings and monuments built in ancient Rome. When you come here, you will sense that this area is a miniature city with the state, economy and cultural characteristics that separate the ancient people of Rome built up. You should buy tickets in advance through the website to avoid long queues when entering the Colosseum (if you get up early and arrive before 7pm, you do not need to buy tickets in advance). Ticket price is 12EUR for direct purchase and 2EUR for online booking via web, no queue.

The Colosseum ticket is valid for 2 days from the date of first use, and you will be able to enter the arena, as well as other buildings and monuments around the area such as the Roman Forum , Palatine Hill , Domus Aurea , column of Trajan , Markets of Trajan , catacombs, stadium Massimo , public baths Terme di Caracalla , Castle Angel , Mausoleum of Augustus , Pacis Ara , Arc de Triomphe Costantino , Pyramid of  Cestius and statues carved Bocca della VeritàAfter losing a morning stroll around the Colosseum, you walk out, walk to the back of the arena and you will see a path leading to the Palatine Hill complex, which will have a control door here, but with peace of mind. Tickets for the Colosseum already include this area.

 2. The Spanish Steps 

It was built in 1721 and completed in 1725 with 135 steps. This work was built with French money along with the Spanish Embassy, ​​the Holy See and the French Church. This place attracts a lot of tourists to visit especially in May every year. The fountain below the stairs gives you the feeling of setting foot on the steps of paradise.

Trevi Fountain

Built in 1762 under the hands of talented designer Nicola Salvi with two statues of two gods Neptune and Tritons. However, the fountain is only really known through the film Dolce Vita. The people here think that if you throw a coin into the fountain and wish it wish to become a reality. That’s why every day thousands of coins are thrown here.

4. Pantheon Temple

The Pantheon is also known as the Temple of All Gods. The ancient temple was preserved very well from a thousand years ago, was built to honor the pagan. Very beautiful marble tile with magnificent dome, looking at it almost as intact as 2000 years ago.

5. Vatican Museums

Located in Viale Vaticano – Rome, the Vatican Museum is one of the largest museums in the world. This great architecture is a valuable asset of the Roman capital and the Vatican. In the museum area, the most famous of these is the Sixtina chapel, built during the reign of Pope Sixtus IV Della Rovere, at the end of the 15th century. This is also where the new Cardinals meet and the place is held. Pope’s summit meetings with heads of state. But first of all, Michelangelo’s paintings “The Century” and “The Last Judgment” were painted on the ceiling and on the walls. From the birth of four hundred years to two paintings still make the whole world to be amazed and admired.

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is the center of Catholic world and a major tourist attraction. This 120m high cathedral was built in the place where Peter was the first pontiff to be buried. This building was built in 1506 and completed in 1615.

A few other notes when traveling to Rome

  1. Currency in circulation is Euro.
  2. Many shops in Rome accept payment by Visa or master card, if you want to change the money can go to the bank or the points in the street.
  3. Museums are closed on Mondays. 
  4. Main holidays include: Christmas, New Year, Easter, Epiphany, January 6, Freedom Day (April 25), Labor Day (May 1), National Day Farragosto Day (August 15), Holy Communion Day (November 1) and Virgin Mary (December 8).


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