Visit the world’s most beautiful city in China


There is a famous saying in China that “There is heaven in heaven, and on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou” to describe the beauty of these two cities. Arriving in China without visiting Hangzhou is a major shortcoming.

During the Yuan Dynasty (1271 ~ 1368), world famous Maco Polo visited Hangzhou and praised “Hangzhou is the most beautiful city in the world”.

In Hangzhou, the most impressive place is West Lake. West Lake is mainly composed of “one lake, two pagodas, three forests and three islands”. Three silky ice-like bridges float through clear waters while three islands are the fairytale land floating on the lake.

West Lake is divided into five small lakes called the West Lake, Ly Tay Ho, Hau Tay Ho, Tieu Nam Ho and Hoan Ho. The most beautiful part of the lake outside is the top of Lei Feng pagoda.

There are two temples located around the West Lake, a temple called Leifeng Pagoda in the west of the West Lake and another pagoda called Baochu Pagoda in the north of West Lake. Baochu Temple is 45.3 meters high, like a fragile and elegant woman standing on Baoshi Hill. Lei Feng was rebuilt in 2002, standing at a height of 71.7 meters. The most beautiful sight to see Lei Feng is in the soul, visitors can go to Shuangtou Bridge to wait for the most beautiful sunset.

Hangzhou West Lake is a sub-tropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. Different seasons show different beauty of this place. Any season you come to see the beautiful scenery, poetic and romantic.

In the spring, the scenic West Lake scenery is absolutely wonderful. Marco Polo said, “Hangzhou is the most beautiful city in the world.” The Causeway and Bai Causeway are colorful dresses that grace the body, graceful willows, clear water, peach blossom and sapura flowers blooming on the shores of the West Lake.

Sakura flowers around the West Lake usually bloom in early April lasting from 4 to 5 days. To the north of Su Causeway, there is a bridge named Kuahong Bridge with sakura trees under the bridge and around the sparkling lake as the background. In the spring the peach blossoms bloom on the river along the Causeway. Peach blossom makes the natural beauty of West Lake more splendid.

The willows around the lake are like young girls dancing with graceful shapes. Do not miss the willow trees bending around the West Lake, especially on the banks of the Bai Causeway and Su Causeway.

The Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo’s poem wrote a poem about the lotus in West Lake to portray the magnificent beauty of the place. When the summer comes, the lotus flower in the West Lake slowly opens up beautiful petals sparkling in the sun, exposing the pure beauty, bright on the glistening West Lake.

In autumn, West Lake turns into a colorful world, surrounded by grasses, yellow leaves, red maple, dark lotus … Travelers if you have time, do not miss the moonlight West Lake at this time.

At the end of autumn, is the brilliant season of the maple trees in Hangzhou. Guests can visit Longjing Road and Solitary Hill for scenic landscapes. The most beautiful time to take photos of the maple trees is the brightness between 08:00 and 11:00 when the maple leaves display the brightest colors.

Usually, snow rarely in Hangzhou in winter. When the snow falls, the entire West Lake and surrounding areas are covered with a white, beautiful and cold curtain. In order to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the snow, tourists should catch the rare time around 7am and climb a hill, such as Yuhuang Hill, Baoshi Hill, for a panoramic view of the lake.

Although the sunrise of the West Lake is not as great as the sunrise at sea, it has its own unique beauty with the characteristics of the sunrise in the city and the glamor of the sun rising on the lake. .

The early morning scene of the West Lake is also sparkling with rosy clouds all over the sky, willow trees cry on the shore, wild ducks and cormorants wandering the lake, the green hills quietly stand still.


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